Frost Like Night by Sara Raasch

So this series is not the best out there… but it was pretty different and fun to read.

I really enjoyed the first book, where everything was such a mystery and the story had so much potential. 

Maira had such a hard life and had to make some really difficult choices…. but she did it well for the most part. Some of her training in Paisly with her powers was sort and rushed. Lots of little bits here and there actually was rushed throughout this book.

Mather was my favorite dispite his betrayal in the beginning… I just love his warmth, sweet personality and the love he had for Maira. He made hard choices too, but he never gave up on her. He was loyal and devoted. And that is really hard to find in a young man! 

Theron is great, romantic and all… I did fell for him too in book one, but I aways knew something was up with him. Just had a feeling, that too much was happening at once was kind of wierd. I also felt a lot about him was left unsaid, specially at the end. Needed to know more about him….

Okay so I don’t want to spoil anything else…. Over all it was a good book that I enjoyed reading it. There could be a few more chapters thou…. to complete the sort and weak ending.

⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2 stars! 


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