Fanthom of the Month – house pride (Ravenclaw)

I don’t usually wear much jewelry, beside for my rings. But when Fanthom of the month did A Harry Potter House pride box, I decided to try it.

Fanthom of the month does themes subscriptions box for jewelry. So if you love jewelry, bookish stuff and such, you will love this box. 

I am not subscribed to this box, I just got a one time box. Here is what was inside my Ravenclaw box. (The box was exactly very small, like 7×5 inches)

– A cute Ravenclaw house values necklace. Wise,Cleaver, Ravenclaw.

– A sorting hat quote print.

-A Ravenclaw house crest magnet.

-Raven birds earrings.

-Helena Ravenclaw crown ring.

-A very nice bracelets with 4 different charms. πŸ’™

I  did like the over all box and how creative the jewelry was. However the quality wasn’t that good. My Ravenclaw values neckalace was stained on the letters of wise and cleaver, so that was disappointing. Although some friends on Instagram did have better looking jewelry so I guess that was just my luck!

I think for the money (about $19.99 US dollars) you do get good jewelry. And if you are lucky no demages. It is worth the risk if you really love jewelry. But Not something I will be getting again thou. 

Thanks for reading. ❀️


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