My Bookish Crate – House Pride Box (Ravenclaw)

Okay people. I have been waiting for this box for nearly 2 months. Ever since I announce My Bookish Crate was going to do a special box for Harry Potter’s fans!

And it is finitely Here! And I am excited to share this with everyone.

If you didn’t know it already I have been a Ravenclaw since I bought the first Harry Potter PlayStation game a long long time ago(2001 I think). Even before (which I am also a Ravenclaw). Once a Ravenclaw always a Ravenclaw!

My Bookish Crate is a monthly subscription box form the UK, that is absolutely amazing, and I wish I could have a box every month but due to shipping costs I can’t. But they are amazing and you should check them out hereΒ My Bookish Crate. They offer a brand new book with other book goodies every month based on a specific theme. They are very organized and they have had some amazing books in their boxes.

With no further due…

Here is what was inside the box:

– My very own personalized Hogwarts letter, with a beautiful wax seal and everything. I am finitely going this year. I got all that I need packed and ready to go.

– A Ravenclaw soy candle by Book a Nook, a UK candle company.

– A beautiful quote by Luna Lovegood, design by a amazing UK artist. (Sorry forgot the name)

– A Pocket (mini) Funko (I got Hagrid) πŸ™‚

– A Ravenclaw house crest make out of card stock.

– A really nice Ravenclaw Tote bag that I will definitely use, designed by another great artist.

– The Harry Potter and the Curse Child book that I will have to wait a little to read it since I have so many books to read and not enough to time!

So that is it guy. I am so excited for Hogwarts I might have to take a break from blogging due to my magical classes an such.

Just kidding…

Thanks for reading.

Happy Monday!




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