The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson

I was so excited for the end of this amazing story, and couldn’t be more happy when I received this book to review.

I am not gonna lie. I expected an epic end to this series… I will say this now since my review is reflected apon this expectation.

Alright. As it turns out this particular book (not book 1 or 2) was very confusing and wierd to me. All of the time Lia was in turmoil and didn’t act or say the things I expected her to. Haft the time she was like someone else. Kaden and Rafe was also weird, and nothing like before… Yeah they have all changed, but it wasn’t done right, there was something missing.

I guess the pressure of the fans in regards to the end made things a little more dificcult for the author, or she simply didn’t want us to have a clue about what Lia was going to do, or who she would end up with until the very end…. Like the last page! 

Throught out the whole book I couln’t figure it out Lia. She was very different, but much the same at the same time. Her stuborness was there, but she was unsure about things she knew before. First I thought she was going to end up with one guy then a few pages later the other guy, and then no one at all. Until the end, which she does end up with someone…

I knew that pauline was part of the end too. And as everyone supected she end up with someone too and happy. But I didnt care too much about her to be honest. She should had done a few things differently  to deserve what she got. 

I have to admit the end was just okay. Actually I wass disapointed, it didnt had that strong and momorable factor I was looking for. Defintely not epic.

I did enjoy the fighting, the hard decisions Lia had to make, the way She delt with the broken kingdoms and all the people that had high hopes for her. I just didn’t think the love part of it was very strong at all, even if it was different then what I expected in the beginning. It was very poorly done in my opinion. It should had been epic no matter who Lia chose.

I think that Mary herself wasn’t sure who she wanted Lia to choose. But since some things already happened between her and someone… it was the right thing to do. But it should still have the wow factor that it was missing. It was a weak end. Some things Rafe said didn’t made sense in the end, only the last thing he said. It was wierd. 

For that reason I only rate this ⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1/2 starts.

What did you think about the end? Was it what you expect?

Thanks for reading guys.❤️






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