The Best Damn Book Box – June 2016 – (Game of Thrones)

So after two whole months… It is finately here! The Game of Thrones box from The Best Damn Book Box.

Before I go into reveling what is inside this box, let me just say how disappointed I am with this company lately. I understand that sometimes there are unespected events that happenm which causes delays, (in this case it was a death in the family). But two months is way to much. I feel that this company is very disorganized. A business, weather is small or not, needs to have plan B and C, for these kinds of things. We pay for our boxes in advance and we want to have them in time, to share and to rave about. So that being said. I will hold off in renewing my subscription for this box this for a few months or until they do some changes. I will still receive my July and August box… At some point befre my subscription is cancelled.

Okay. So this box turned out pretty good. You do get a lot of goodies. So Lets start!

In this month’s box you get:

  • A gorgeous, hand crafted water color book mark, Jon Snow by @marquisdusoleil
  • Magnetic book mark in a variety pair of character by @nerdygrldesigns ( I got Jon Snow and the dead Dothraki King)
  • Handmade Stark or Targaryen Necklace by @thebestdamncraftshop ( I got Targaryen)
  • Beautiful hand crafted dragons egg coasters by @pigseyartdesigns
  • A art print of the mother of dragons and her dragons by @marquisdusoleil 
  • A bad seed bookmark by @mikelackey23
  • A book plate for Crystal Crowned, the final installment of the ‘ air awakens’ series by @elise.kova
  • A button pin of the mother of dragons by @infinitydesigns an extra item for all the wait.
  • The book – “The Crown’s Game” by Evelyn Skye.
  • Although they forgot to mention the wax melts in the card- you get them too. Mine was Start – which smells pretty good. Like winter. by @onceuponawick

There you have it folks. Over all it was a good box.

It is a shame we had to wait over two months for it. I hope the company does something about this issue soon, so this box can get better again.

Thanks for reading.



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