Books I Didn’t Like or Didn’t Finish…

Alright guys, we all have that one book we just can’t deal with… Well it turns out I have a few.

I often really like the books I read, because I do some research on them before I buy. But occasionally I came across a book I just can’t continue…

So this is a post dedicated to all the books I NEVER finished or really DIN’T LIKE. They are now decorating my shelf.

Book_jacket_of_Twilight #1  The Twilight Saga  – I am sorry vampire lovers, but I really could not read this book. It was written in a such a boring way… and Bella… Oh my god Bella. She was just so anoying  and depressing to me I just could handle it. I like Edward and a few of the other characters, but I just never finish the book and probably never will.


#2 Truthwitch  – I was very desapointed with this book. I had such high expectation. Especially after Sarah J. Maas said great things about the book and her friend. Unfortunately I could continue with the book, it wasn’t interesting at all, and I didn’t even know what was going on, or what the book was really about. There were just two friends going around looking for something being just best friends… It didnt grab me. I just found it so hard to pick up the book.

6487308 #3 Fallen – Alright, this was such a confussing book. I had no idea this girl was a fallen angel and her school was special for these fallen angels until I read the summary of this book. I did this after reading the book because I just didn’t get. Although I did finsih this book I had no desire to continue with the series due to the lack of interest and understanding. I mean this girl’s whole life was so weird and then there is this school that is pretty wierd too, with two hot guys trying to get this girl to their side… the guys hate each other, but a reason wasn’t really explained. Nothing really was.


#4 Allegiant –  Okay let me just say this. I really did like the Two previous books by Veronica Roth, but this ook was so not what I expected… After what happened (not to spoil to anyone that havent read this book) I just could continue reading. Everything just lost it meaning to me. Why would you creat a beautiful story and then eliminate a important part of it? I think this was the most desapointing ending of a series…

Alright that is it!

I hope there wouldn’t be many books like these in my life this year. I have been reading some really great book that I want to share with you guy soon…

Have a great week everyone!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.


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