The Bookish Box – May (Harry Potter)

I am so excited to finetely be able to share this with you! I was anxiously waiting for this box because this month’s box it’s kind of a big deal! It is the one year Aniversary of The Bookish Box! And boy did this box delivered.

For those of you that dont know, The Bookish Box is a monthly subscription box full of bookish delights, you will love! (how to order below)

Okay let’s get down to it! Here is what was inside!Β 

Appraising Pages – Harry Potter shirt (I freaking love this shirt – I am wearing it right NOW!)

Cherry Pit Crafts – Butterbeer Salt Scrub (smells like vanilla heaven.)

Knot Knirvana – Hogwards Cofee Tumbler (for happy potter and Starbucks lovers!)

Lexy Olivia – Watercolor Print (decorating my shelf right now!)

Rich Live Shoppe – Neckalace (which I am so wearing to work tomorrow!)

That is it guys! By far, this is the best bookish box yet! I am so very pleased.

I wish THE BOOKISH BOX lots of success for the years to come, so I can keep on getting these wonderful things!

Click here to order your own! Β ->Β The Bookish Box

Thanks Everyone. Have a Wonderful Sunday!


6 thoughts on “The Bookish Box – May (Harry Potter)

      1. I have tried three. Owlcrate, the best damn book box and the bookish box. Without a doubt the bookish box is my favorite, but I do like the best damn book box too! Owlcrate is alright, they don’t come with as many bookish items but the books are always great. So if you care about the book more then the bookish things then go with owlcrate. I prefer the bookish things since I always buy tons of books so for me it is the bookish box! So it really depends what you enjoy the most! The best damn book box is kind of the best of both worlds you get the book and bookish things! So I am subscribed to both the bookish box and the best damn book box. πŸ˜ƒ

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      2. These three sound like great subscription boxes. Owlcrate and the best damn box interest me as I would like to get both the book and the bookish items. I will have to give them a try soon. Thank you so much for the detailed information and your thoughts on the boxes. They really helped me. Have a good day!! πŸ˜ƒ

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