A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E.Schwab

A lot of my Instagram follower have read this book and recommended to me. I don’t why I waited so long to finitely read it.

A Dark Shade of Magic is the kind of book that transports you to another world… literally. I love reading about the difference between the other London. Red London, with all the beauty and the magic. White London, with their ambitions, and where magic is used to control others for the pleasing of the Royals. Gray London, the poorest, saddest with little to no magic. Black London, the forbidden and presumably dead city. And only one person can travel between them and his name is Kell the Antari – the one with magic in his blood. Holland is also an atari with magical blood but he is bound by a spell to the king and queen of White London which means he isn’t free.

I really enjoyed reading this book, it was something different and fresh. The different London are very interesting and well described. Kell from Red London is very mysterious and there is little about his past beside the fact that he has magic in his blood and can travel between worlds. They know this because he has two color eyes, a green and black one (the known mark for magical blood). He is also very devoted to his adoptive brother Rhy the Prince of Red London and will do anything for him. Lila is a girl who done nothing but survive in her dysfunctional Gray London. But everything changed when she meets Kell while trying to steal his magical rock, and her whole life became a dangerous adventure. Lila however have her own secrets.

I like Lila’s character the most… she is so honest, hardheaded but strong, and I like that she always say what is on her mind. Made me laugh at times. Even Kell is surprised by her, that even a place like gray London could not spoil her spirit.

Over all I like the book and enjoyed the read… I was hoping a little more at the end… I felt that it ended so sudden and with not much about what is next. I wasn’t hoping for a cliff hanger just something more… so for that I gave it 4- 5 starts. I hear the next book is much better so lets hope so.


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