Lady Midnight by Cassandra Claire

There are things our soul want, and my wants you.”

Alright. Let talk about this amazing and very anticipated book. My most favorite series Cassandra wrote will always be The Infernal Devices. There is nothing like Will and Tessa. But I have to say this book came pretty close… I need to read book 2 (Lord of Shadows) before I can safely say if this series is better than the Infernal Devices.

Okay now for the spoiler free review…

I love the characters in this book, everyone was on point and contributed to the story… Except Cameron. Like why did he even existed?                                                                                 My favorite is Mark and Julian. They are the ones that since the very beginning I fell in love with. Julian’s gentleness and determination, and Mark’s charms and protectiveness. I always knew there was going to be forbidden love… But I thought that somehow this could work… I’m not so sure anymore.

Mark was so mysterious at first, but I always like him. He surprise me a lot in this book. Mark and Emma have a lot in common and has the potential to be great friends and allies… only if…

Emma is my second favorite female character out of all the books by Cassandra. Tessa is my first. I like that Emma is a bad ass shudowhunter who is willing to do anything for those she love. I was not expecting the end… I aways sensed a connection between them but I was so surprise… Now I can see a whole new plot twist and a whole new story… I just can’t wait what Cassandra has in store for us with book 2 – Lord of Shadows. OMG why we have to wait so long….

The last chapter of this book (A long Conversation) almost made me cry… I always wanted these two shudowhunter to get hitched…. And now they will…so excited and happy!

I think I have to stop or this will be impossible to do without spoilers… I will instead leave you with this last quote!

The storm calls you as it calls me, does it not?

Rated 5 stars of course, I really enjoyed every part of it…even the heartbreaking ones!



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