Glass Sword


Lets start by saying, I had high expectation for the sequel of Red Queen. Unfortunately, Glass Sword wasn’t what I hoped it to be. Here is why I didn’t love it, and why I had to write this review.

First, the book started pretty slow and I found it hard to keep going a times, specially when Mare was having her Maven flash backs. In fact there is a lack of Maven in this book. He is basically this ghost that torments Mare’s head and heart and she can’t seem to shake him off. She is too depressed over him which causes her to make a lot of stupid mistakes that otherwise she probably wouldn’t. I didn’t understand why Maven was so imbedded in her heart, after everything. After all Mare did have two other boys who really cared about her.

I was also very upset with the fact that a certain person had to die. For me this person (don’t want to spoil for those who didn’t read the book yet) was very important, so I was a little socked and confused about it. Actually, I am still getting over that!

War is war I guess.

Taking about war, I noticed that this book in particular could really use a map. I know some people thinks maps are just pretty art printed on the inside cover of a book. But I find maps really useful and often I go back to look at them while reading. It helps me understand that world better. I had no idea where Mare and her team were half of the time while they were traveling, beside the name of towns, villages and islands. A map of all the nations and lands involved in this war would’ve been really helpful.

Last but not least, there is still a of lack romance… and the only good romance there was, was eventually cut short! Very disappointing! The love triangle in the first book was understandable and made sense, but the sort of love triangle in the Glass Sword was weird and not productive at all. At the end there was still nothing concrete about anyone. I refuse to believe Mare is still in love with Maven.

Everyone can betray everyone! Still Mare seems to not have learned her lesson.

Besides the things that bothered me, I did enjoyed the book overall. I enjoyed the many interesting abilities the newbloods had and how Silvers and Reds are finitely helping each other. I also like that some Reds are stepping up, stating their own opinions and desires besides just following alone. I also like the introduction of new nations and outsiders that could potentially become allies.

I rated Glass Sword 4 out of 5. Mostly because of the great finale I didn’t see coming at all.  I was really going alone with all that was happening and then boom! If there is one thing Victoria Aveyard does well are spectacular book endings!

This books does leave off at a Clift hanger, so beware if you don’t like them. I am not sure how Victoria will direct us from here on, but I am still hoping for a kick ass ending to this series. (There are two more books to this series, making it 4 books total).

Thanks for reading.





3 thoughts on “Glass Sword

    1. You are right. Also it is sort of normal to have a really great first book and then a not so great second, but as long as the third and last are good then it really doesn’t matter at the end. Which I hope it will happens with this series.

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