The Summer Garden

7155362 “Shine on, shine on, my only star, 

My star of love eternally,

You are my soul and chosen one,

There’ll be no other one for me…”


Again I am blown away by Paullina Simon’s ability to destroy your heart, body and soul. I was in such a distraught and emotional state after reading The Summer Garden the last book the The Bronze Horseman series. This woman is a goddess of worlds, a queen of stories.

I knew from the very beginning, that after being in a terrible war, parts of you are never the same, you can never unseen what you have seen, and so I expected Alexander to have difficulty adjusting to a new life as a father and a husband. But it was Tatiana that had the most trouble of all. It was Tania that found it hard to see Alexander for what he really was, and accept him that way, it was Tania that walked away when she was needed the most, bringing chaos to her family. But she was also still grieving her family, her simple summer days, her long-lost childhood. The time of peace, where growing up seems so far away, and love was just a book…

They both made many mistakes, as we all do. And many of those mistakes could have been avoided if they would just listen and speak more to each other. If Tatiana would just look at her son and husband and realize what was really important. If Alexander would keep his word to Tatiana and remembered that she too needed time away. Bur at the end what happened, happened and many things were learned.

I loved that in this book we get to see a lot more of Tatiana childhood, and what she was really like before Alexander and what made her the way she was. I found myself really enjoying her so young, her family, her past. Which made me understand her and her action much better in this book. It also many me reflect on my childhood and how much fun I had and how simple and great life was then. Tatiana was very loved, despite all that hate that was shown by her family in the first book. No mother or father loves one child more than the other, just differently.

This book is very good for couples that think the world, their lives is too hard, or their marriage is too difficult. Because really it is us that make it difficult and hard. However those that make it through, pay attention, and figure it out, those will know real love and real happiness. There isn’t much that could be learned from what it would’ve been, or should had been, only what it was, the good memories, the love, the stories. That is what we need to remember instead.

Tatiana and Alexander had many mountains of hell to climb before they found their bliss, their heaven. And while reading this book I felt that I was climbing that mountain with them (which explain the state of my emotions at the end). But I’m so glad I’ve known them, I suffered with them, I was happy and loved by them. I felt that I had lived their long and amazing life and at the end, I still had all the years to live mine. I have never been touched by a book this much. The Summer Garden will always be that memorable book for me.

I’ll never be the same person after this series, never will I be able to forget the beautiful, difficult, sad, emotional, heartbreaking, strong and infinite love story that is Tatiana and Alexander. I was told that the most beautiful and most lovely love story, is also the hardest. You can not have the bliss of heaven without the suffering of hell. Now I truly believe it.

I was in tears, I was in agony, I was happy, I was scared, I wanted to scream, I couldn’t sleep… I didn’t want the book to end, I wanted them to live forever. And in a ways they will, in my heart. I also learned there are many kinds of love, and many kinds of happiness, but nothing is acquire without sacrifice, strength and faith. And faith is not the same as luck. Luck is what the universes gives to you in respect to the kind of person you are. Faith is what you give yourself, your dreams, your deepest desires.

So have faith my friends, have faith that we will continue to find books like this one, books that touches our soul. 🙂

No doubt 5 Amazing Stars.

Happy Valentines Days Folks. Peace and Love to you and your Family.


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