Anna and the French Kiss/Lola and the Boy Next Door/Isla and the Happily Ever After


I have to confess, I don’t usually read many YA contemporary books. I find it hard to like them, because most of them are very similar. But not long ago a friend told me about Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.
And after going to and looking at some of the reviews, I decided to buy the book. And I am glad I did. I didn’t just read Anna but I also got Lola and Isla too.

Ana and the French Kiss is modern, catchy, and funny… it will touch your heart. I couldn’t stop reading. I finished the book in 6 hours. Anna and St. Clair are great characters that anyone can relate to. And they are so darn cute too. I love their chemistry and frankness.

There is nothing like a handsome boy with a British accent, lots of charm and good hair…
Anna is a beautiful and out-of-place girl, that is trying to survive and find her way in the city of lights in a boarding school she didn’t want to attend… until she meets St. Clair. Paris is the perfect setting for this romance, and I love that the author incorporates landmarks and interesting parts of the city in both Anna and the French Kiss and Isla and the Happily Ever After. It makes me want to visit Paris and have a food tasting orgasm too.

For me, Anna was a  rollercoaster of emotion, that made me feel happy, mad, angry, silly, funny and totally in love. At the end of the book I felt so good that I want to hug the book.
Stephanie Perkins speaks to your hears, to the doubts and uncertainty. The feelings we all felt when we were young and in love.


So after reading Anna, I thought this series (if you want to call it that) was going to be great. But after reading Lola and the Boy Next Door which is somewhat the after Anna and the French Kiss but telling the story of a different person (Lola), I was a little disappointed.
Lola is alright. I felt that she was a little bit fake for me and not as exciting as Anna or Isla. But I did like her story, and how Anna and St. Clair is part of her life, because o was really hoping book number two was going to have a lot of Anna and St. Clair, but not so much at all.

Isla was my second favorite book of the trio. Josh was my most favorite male character out of the entire series. And he was very present in both Anna and Isla, so I felt like I knew him the best!
Although this book had some parts that were kind of out-of-place, and some fights that seem wrong to happen when they did… I love this book and especially the end…really love the end….

Josh is talented and still trying to find his place on this world, and what to do now that all his friends graduated. Josh is also adventurous and romantic. Isla is young and insecure, and her love for Josh is an old one, that was impossible in the past because of his ex girlfriend. It wasn’t until now that Isla and Josh will have their chance to find love, although they are very different when it comes to relationship, they complete each other in a way like no other. Their chemistry and attraction were inevitable, and despite the ups and downs… and I mean at lot of downs… love like Isla and Josh deserve a second chance.

For me their adventure and crazy love attraction is what makes this book so great. Isla and Josh just want to be together, to be reckless teens in love, but their school are full of rules now and there are consequences on breaking them. Serious consequences. Josh knows that too well, but he just can’t stay away from lovely Isla, and Isla waited too long for Josh not to take chances too. Their love is tested in many way through this heart breaking romance, but neither can’t let go, neither can forget what happened between them, so they meet again thanks to two lovely people… and this time Josh and Isla had figure it out what they really want, and it has all to do with each other.

I feel that all the books have their own unique story, and they are all very different, but with Anna and St. Clair in it as well as some of the crews from the first book. I enjoyed seeing Anna, St. Clair and the rest of the gang together in the last book for something special and this something special is beautifully done… a perfect ending to the series.


I have to say that this modern teen romance is one my favorite YA contemporary yet, fallow by Ten Thousand Pieces of You (Firebird Series) by Claudia Gray.



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